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SmartBee Framework : FrontPage

Welcome to the Smartbee Framework Homepage

Smartbee is an Smarty based framework for skilled programmers


  • automatic image resizing
  • Alfa 0.4 probably will be avaible on 1.11.2004
  • Smartbee dance - totally rewrited by practice
  • support for Turck MMCache


  • Form Validation at presentation layer
  • Database abstract layer (Ez SQL)
  • Templates support (Smarty)
  • Nice URL support (404 error page - Apache)

Database design

Latest version



  • jEdit - Powerfull text editor written in Java
  • SmartCVS - Easy to use CVS client written in Java
  • Uniform_Server - nice php and mysql server with zero install procedures (win32)
  • FileZilla - nice FTP client
  • DB Designer 4 - very usefull tool for DB design

Source code

Project goals

  • create tight Smarty Based framework
  • prevent code injection
  • make urls more nice like .../framework/about-smarty/article/10/


  • Martin_Konicek (project admin)
  • cellular phone: +420-732-971358 (english or czech language)
  • e-mail: martin_konicek at

Prague, Czech Republic